1996, 127 pages, 204 mm x 145 mm

" The worrying dreams of inspector Djin " - "Niespokojne sny inspektora Dzina" - , first book published by Monika DEL RIO, is a political satire presenting the reality of life in Poland during the years 1970-1990, shown from the point of view of a dog.

General disorder, stagnation, affairs are the main topics of this book. The gallery of characters reminds well known people from the political scene, sometimes painted with a caricatural pen.

The aim of the author was to memorise, in a satirical way, the real moments of every day life and to stress that, as time goes on, theses slices of life, even the most painful, can look comical.

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1998, 117 pages, 205 mm x 146 mm

" And if life was only a dream " - "Jezeli zycie jest tylko snem" - is a compilation of psychological short stories written in a style close to existential literature with its metaphysical anxiety and reflections over the fragility of our life. Some of these stories look like criminal studies, others present pictures full of fantasy.

The main subject treat the dilemmas of an individual in front of the eternal problems of love, friendship, hate and death.

This book is written as poetical prose and illustrated with sketches of the author.

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This book was translated into arabic in 2002.

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