2002, 132 pages, 205 mm x 135 mm

" And if life were only a dream " is a compilation of psychological short stories written in a style close to existential literature with its metaphysical anxiety and reflections over the fragility of our life. Some of these stories look like criminal studies, others present pictures full of fantasy.

The main subject treat the dilemmas of an individual in front of the eternal problems of love, friendship, hate and death.

This book is written as poetical prose and illustrated with sketches of the author.

Clik to read some exerpts in arabic

2006, 139 pages, 205 mm x 135 mm

" On the coasts of Carthage " is a collection of short stories devoted primarily to the dependent problems with the concepts of time and space. The reader is invited to leave on a journey, semi-real, semi-imaginary, through countries such as Tunisia, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, England, Poland... One finds here the continuation of the existential dilemmas already raised by the author in his book " And if life were only a dream ", questions about the life and death, as well as environment enchanter full with colors, perfumes and music. Among the mystical subjects one finds also some humorous short stories constituting a satyr on today's world.

Clik to read some exerpts in arabic

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